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Personal and Corporate Income Tax Management

The common conception is that tax is paid in one go after you file returns. But in the real scenario tax is collected at various levels and times. For an example let’s take your salary. Your employer deducts tax from your salary every month. A company pays advance tax every quarter etc,. Keeping a tag of all that is quite an impossible task for a non-professional and that’s why you always need a person to ring a bell on all tax related matters and due dates. And that’s why you need Tax Chanakya' s personal and corporate income tax management solutions.

Tax Chanakya is a client friendly and extremely useful tax planner that is offered to you. We intimate you in advance every other due date or notifications from the income tax department and thus help you keep away from penalties and late fees. There is also a compliance tax calendar readily available in the website. You are assured correctness and ease of comprehension.


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Please note that you do not have to pay to register, or for usage of the system. It is only when you actually want to e-file or use our tax planning services that a payment has to be made.
  • Easy and user-friendly interface
  • Environment-friendly filing option using Digital Signature
  • Professional help and tools to help you file returns accurately
  • Elaborate FAQs section to help out with your tax queries
  • 128-bit encryption SSL technology to ensure your data is 100% secure